Top 10 Most Popular Football Goals

Top 10 Most Popular Football Goals Of All Time Ranking

Soccer is a game that never misses any chance to amuse its followers. Every year’s number of players try to hit some unrealistic goal. Every effort is not successful but few of these efforts are saved in history as the most popular football goals. These goals are the result of countless efforts and the hard work of players.

The history of all the games is interesting, especially soccer games. This game has been played by generations for hundreds of years.  Every soccer player is different from others in terms of their ball-kicking and passing technique. Few techniques in this game result in hitting of most popular football goals by expert players. 

Let’s get into the article and explore the best football shots that seem impossible for the common folk. 

1. Lionel Messi in 2007 

Lionel Messi is one of the finest footballers that history has seen. In 2007 Lionel Messi scored one of the best football goals against Getafe. Surprisingly this was Messi’s third season of playing in the first team at the age of 19. 

Messi took the ball from Getafe’s defenders when one of them was passing the ball to another. Messi saves the ball from four defenders. He took the ball around and hit a great goal. This goal was compared with Diego in technique but Messi has done better finishing. 

2. Diego Maradona in 1986 

Diego was a multi-talented player of his time. He was a man with exceptional abilities and his control over the ball was amazing. It was 1986 when Maradona was playing for Argentina in the FIFA world cup against England.

Maradona’s team was leading with 2-1 goals in one match from England. This was the time when Maradona hit amazing goals that became the most famous goals of all time. His goal was later called the goal of the century by every person who was connected with the game in any way. 

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3. Marco Van Basten

Basten was a Dutch player who played many matches for Ajax, AC Milan, and the Netherlands. He was a player with great intelligence and the best striker of his time. He scored one of the finest goals in 1988 playing against the Soviet Union. 

Basten not only scored match-winning goals but he was on fire in that match. He scored a hat trick in the first inning and his best volley shot against the Soviet Union. In this tournament, he a top player and was awarded a player of the tournament award. 

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovich 

Zlatan Ibrahimovich is a Swedish footballer who played as a forward in the Swedish national team. This player is famous as a striker, volley, and long-range kick. He was practicing hard in 2004 to make his tour memorable and he did it. 

In his memorable match, Zlatan Ibrahimovich scored a long-range kick with twists and many rounds. Ajax won the match with 6-2 goals but Zlatan’s goal became one of the most famous goals of the century. Even after years, Zlatan is known for his memorable and mesmerizing performance. 

5. Roberto Carlos

Back in 1997, Roberto Carlos made history by kicking one of the most perfect goals in football history. Roberto was playing from Brazil against France in a tournament in France. He hit the ball that goes flying and hit the goalpost.

The opponent France team even could not touch the ball and saw the ball flying. His famous goal was against all the laws of physics. Even after decades, scientists of physics are unable to explain his goal completely by explaining ball trajectory. 

6. Pele Jaw Opening Goal in 1958 

Pele was 17 years old when he played against Sweden playing for Brazil in 1958. In all the games tournaments Brazilian teams present thrilling and spectacular matches for the viewers. This black smart superstar was also on the team and was going to make history at such a young age. 

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The Brazilian team hired many psychologists before the world cup to determine the mental abilities of all the players. Pele was called an irresponsible man by one of the psychologists and unfit for the team. In the semi-final, he made the jaw-opening goal that became one of the most perfect goals of the world cup

7. Eric Cantona in 1996

Eric Cantona former professional football player is known for one of his most famous goals. He was long heightened player with exceptional goal-scoring abilities. His creative gaming skills contribute a lot to making Manchester united one of the best clubs in the town. 

It was 1996 and the last four minutes were left for game termination. David pushes the ball to the king who was standing near the penalty area. Eric kicked the ball that directly goes into goal passing beating five defenders. 

8. Dennis Bergkamp in 2002 

Dennis was a former Dutch player who is currently fulfilling the responsibilities of a coach. He played soccer as a midfielder, second, and then the main striker in his career. His goal against the news castle is considered one of the most iconic goals in history. 

This star player was known for his ball control and fast movement. But what he did in March 2002 was totally beyond imagination. The way he hit the ball backward and turn around to hit a goal cannot be described in the world. 

9. Rivaldo in 2001

Rivaldo was an intelligent and skillful footballer for the Brazilian team. He performed the duties of midfielder, winger, and second striker. Brazil needs some stunning performance in 2001 to prove its strength to other teams. Rivaldo scored one of the most perfect goals that people are unable to forget after years. 

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Rivaldo kicks two consecutive goals and completes his hat trick with an overhead kick in the last three minutes. This goal was memorable in terms of its beauty and importance which leads Brazil into the final match. 

10. George Weah in 1996 

George weah was an African professional footballer who scores the most famous goals in the history of soccer. He was playing from Milan against Verona, the team was losing 2-1 and only ten minutes were left. George weah came in the ground running to save his team from failure.

He takes the ball before the penalty area and runs toward Verona’s goal with speed. On his way, weah cross two defenders and hit the ball directly into the goal. This was an amazing solo goal by any African footballer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Are The Most Iconic Goals Of All Time?

Diego Maradona scored a goal in 1986 playing for Argentina against England. He scored an unusual goal that is one of the iconic goals of all time.

Q. Who Is The Best Striker In Football History?

History has seen many great strikers leading the football team to the heights of glory. At present time Cristiano Ronaldo is the best striker playing for any team.

Q. Who Is The Best Dribbler In Football?

Dribbling is a key technique to keep the ball safe from defenders while passing. Messi and Neymar are the best at dribbling.


Soccer is not about the result, it’s all about techniques and moments. Several heroes in football history made memorable shots while winning the match. Football lovers always focus on the method rather than the final game result. This article was all about the most popular football goals that take every soccer lover into their charisma. I hope you like the article and surely have some favorite goals out on the list.

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