Top 10 Fastest Football Goals in History 2024 Updates

In his team’s 23-0 victory, Ronaldinho scored fastest football goals i.e. all 23 goals. In a local youth league match, Brazilian legend Ronaldinho scored all of his side’s goals, which included the World Cup victory in 2002.

Fastest Football Goals of All Time

So you’ve seen the world cup and now you’re wondering what the fastest football goals are? In this blog, I’ll take a look at the top 10 fastest football goals ever in history, as well as some of the fastest goals that took place in the 2022 world cup. 

From acrobatic bicycle kick goals to outrageous back-heeled goals, I’ll cover it all. So whether you’re a football fan or just curious about the most football goals of all time, we will also discuss fastest football goals of all times, read on!

Fastest Football Goals in History 

Football is a sport that is loved all around the world. The 2022 World Cup is one of the most anticipated events in history. In preparation for this big event, I’ve compiled a list of the fastest football goals in history.

10. Alan Shearer – 10.4 Seconds (Newcastle United vs. Manchester City)

It was a match of the world-class level as two giant teams collided in an intense football encounter. Newcastle United and Manchester City went into the match with high hopes. But it turned out to be a fiercely fought battle throughout. 

In the end, it was Newcastle who came out on top by just 1 goal in 10.4 seconds. Inevitably resulting in some great goal scoring performances from some of their key players! Lionel Messi proved to be too powerful for the Magpies. As he scored a goal within 9 seconds of each other- making him successful football team in history’s fastest footballer! 

Alan Shearer

9. Ledley King – 10 Seconds (Tottenham Hotspur vs. Bradford City)

Ledley King is a legend of English football and one of the fastest goal scorers in Premier League history. In 2002, he scored an overhead kick against Bradford City which has since been voted the fastest goal in league history. 

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This year, another goal by Ledley King was added to the list of the fastest football goals ever- scoring in just 10 seconds! This incredible feat shows how far the game has come over the years. It also proves that no goalkeeper can stop a quick-footed striker like a king.

Ledley King – 10 Seconds (Tottenham Hotspur vs. Bradford City) fastest football goals
Ledley King

8. Roy Makaay – 10 Seconds (Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid)

If you’re a football fan, then you’ll undoubtedly love this iconic goal by Roy Makaay. Ten seconds into the video, watch as the Dutch striker scores an amazing goal at lightning-fast speed to give Bayern Munich a 1-0 victory over Real Madrid in the 1992 Champions League Final. This thrilling goal is sure to whet your appetite for next year’s World Cup – which is sure to be another unforgettable event! 

Roy Makaay

7. Tim Cahill – 8 Seconds (New York Red Bulls vs. Houston Dynamo)

Tim Cahill is a world-class goal scorer and this goal against Houston Dynamo proves it. His 8-second effort is amazing! Not to mention, his record for the fastest goal in history still stands – 8 seconds. So if you’re a fan of soccer or just want to see some amazing football action, make sure to check out Tim Cahill’s latest goals!

fastest football goals
Tim Cahill

6. Shane Long – 7.69 Seconds (Southampton vs. Watford)

If you’re a football fan, then you’ll want to watch Shane Long’s incredible goal from Southampton against Watford. This goal has quickly become an internet sensation and is still the fastest ever scored by a Southampton player. 

The goal has been named the fastest in football history and still holds the record for being the fastest ever scored by a Southampton player. 

Shane Long
Shane Long

5. Rafael Leao – 6.2 Seconds (AC Milan vs. Sassuolo)Fastest Football Goals

If you’re looking for an incredible goal to watch, make sure to check out Rafael Leao’s record-breaking 6.2-second goal from the AC Milan vs. Sassuolo match in February 2022! This amazing goal set a new world record for the fastest football goal ever scored – and it was all thanks to Rafael Leao’s fast feet and sharp reflexes!

Rafael Leao

4. Jim Fryatt – 4 Seconds (Bradford vs. Tranmere Rovers) – Fastest Football Goals

Jim Fryatt’s goal for Bradford against Tranmere Rovers in 4 seconds is simply one of the most stunning strikes in football history. 

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The video has been viewed over 3 million times and continues to be one of the most popular goals on YouTube. This goal is the fastest in football history and still stands as one of the most beautiful goals ever seen. 

Jim Fryatt

3. Nawaf Al-Abed – 2.4 Seconds (Al-Hilal vs. Al-Shoalah)

If you’re looking for a thrilling football match to watch, then look no further than Nawaf Al-Abed’s goal for Al-Hilal against Al-Salah. This goal currently holds the record as the fastest ever recorded, with a time of 2.4 seconds! 

Nawaf Al-Abed – 2.4 Seconds (Al-Hilal vs. Al-Shoalah) fastest football goals
Nawaf Al-Abed

2. Marc Burrows – 2 Seconds (Cowes Sports vs. Eastleigh)

For football fans, there’s no doubt that the record-breaking goal scored by Marc Burrows in a match between Cowes Sports and Eastleigh is one of the most incredible moments in history.

This unbelievable feat was achieved back in April 1992 during a game at Cowes Sports stadium. Nowadays, 2 seconds remaining is the fastest time it has taken to score a goal in football history – an amazing achievement!

Marc Burrows

1. Nicklas Bendtner – 1.8 Seconds (Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur) – Fastest Football Goals

Nicklas Bendtner’s goal against Tottenham Hotspur was undoubtedly one of the fastest goals ever recorded in football. With a speed of 1.8 seconds, it is clear that this record-breaking goal will be remembered for a long time to come. So watch out for other fast goals in 2022 – this could be the year of the fastest goals ever!

Nicklas Bendtner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Are The Fastest Football Goals Of All Time?

The fastest football goal of all time is a goal scored by Brazilian football player Ronaldinho in a World Cup match against Spain.

Q. Which Type Of Ball is Best To Shoot For When Trying To Score A Fast Goal?

A soccer ball is the best type to shoot for when trying to score a fast goal. The ball is round, has a tighter grip than a football, and is easier to control.


Are you a football fan? If so, you’ll love the fastest football goals in history! Check out our latest blog post to see the fastest goals scored in the history of the sport. From world-class goalkeepers to world-class strikers, the fastest football goals in history are sure to leave you in awe!

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