Greatest Female Soccer Players

Greatest Female Soccer Players Of All Times – 2024 update

Women have excelled in all the domains of life, and so in sports; just like there are some well-known male soccer players, there also exist some of the greatest female soccer players of all time. 

Women’s soccer games have come to the light after the women’s world cup, which was held in the year 1991. These female soccer players from all around the world thrill us with their skills on the field, and their dedication and hard work towards the game are exceptional. However, what sets the top female soccer players apart from the others?

We have put together names of some of the greatest female soccer players of all time, who have earned their place with their remarkable performance in history and are now remembered as the hero of their nation. 

1. Marta

There has no one like Marta in the women’s soccer game who has performed as well as her. She is, beyond any doubt, the most skilled scorer ever. Her tricks, moves, and strategy make her stand out from many players. 

Her record of 80 goals out of 72 global or international appearances is proof of her unique abilities. She has also been awarded FIFA Women’s World Player of the year. And what keeps us all amazed is that she is just 26 and has already achieved so much.


2. Birgit Prinz

The name of Birgit Prinz is known by many for her outstanding striking ability, which resulted in the German team getting enrolled for the title of Women’s World Cup not once but twice, one in 2003 and again in 2007. 

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Birgit got retired with an amazing record of 128 goals in the 214 international performances in 2011. Twice she has been awarded Bundesliga and German Cup with FSV. Not just that, Prinz has also set the record for most goals in the Women’s World Cup.

Birgit Prinz

3. Sun Wen

The female scorer was titled as Co-Player of the Century by the leading industry FIFA in 2002. Sun got retired in 2006 with a record of 105 goals in 152 appearances. Sun Wen was a Chinese player who served as a striker.

She was the winner of the Golden ball and Golden boot as she was among the best scorers and for her exceptional performance in the 1999 Women’s World Cup. But Sun’s hard luck was that she couldn’t win the title for the World cup.

Sun Wen

4. Renate Lingor

Renate played for Germany as a midfielder in the Women’s World Cup, which was held in the years 2003 and 2007. Her name comes under the best female midfielders and throughout her 12 years career, she has had remarkable performances. 

She has presented 2 medals for the world cup five German cup crowns and five German League Titles for the exceptional abilities that she demonstrated on the ground. Lingor only had 35 goals in 147 international appearances, but she had a unique ability to change the course of games.

Renate Lingor

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5. Kristine Lilly

Among the girl soccer players names the very talented and capable Kristine made 352 appearances on an international level and played for the United States. 

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The record holder scorer made more than 10 0 goals and has been a winner of the World Cup in 1991 and 1999. Lily’s professional career lasted for 12 or 13 years, and during her career, she also won the gold medal in Olympics. 

Kristine Lilly

6Aya Miyama

Aya the best Asian player is well known for her 34 goals in 144 international appearances. She played for Japan. Aya played in the World Cup final in the year 2011, helping Japan defeat the United States to win the championship.

Later in Olympics Aya was the captain of the Japan team and they brought a silver medal home and celebrated the victory. 

Aya Miyama

7. Christine Sinclair

Christine has scored 150 goals out of 214 appearances for Canada. 31-year-old Christine won the championship for women’s CONCACAF and also won a bronze medal in Olympics 2012, and she was a top scorer in that. 

She has won the Canadian player of the year and serves as the captain of the national team. 

Christine Sinclair

Although Kelly Smith is arguably the best soccer player for England, she spent several years playing for the United States because she was unhappy with the standard of professional soccer in her native country. Smith is the leading scorer for the UK, where she has made 46 goals in 115 appearances while playing a variety of attacking positions during her career. 

She came on 3rd position as the World Player of the Year in 2009.

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8. Michelle Akers

Akers was a participant of the United States team who was the winner of the FIFA World Cup in both 1991 and 1999. There is former, Akers scored 10 goals as the tournament’s leading scorer.

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Michelle Akers, a former American professional player who won the FIFA Female Player of the Century award, scored a whopping 105 goals in 153 appearances for her country.

She will go down in history as one of the most important and influential players of the women’s sport.

Michelle Akers

9. Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Exactly Is The Woman Goat Of Soccer?

Marta is frequently considered the best female soccer player in history. She has received six FIFA World Player of the Year awards, the most recent one happened in 2018. Five of her awards in the year 2006 to 2010 were consistent.

Q. Who Scored The Most Goals For The Women’s Soccer Team?

Wambach is at the top of the rankings after a distinguished 14-year profession. For a very long time, Wambach’s 184 goals will most certainly hold the top spot. She also holds the second-most international goals achieved record.

Q. Who Is Known As The Fastest Woman In Soccer?

Delphine Cascarino has the victory for speed in the 2019-20 women’s championship. She made a record of 19.54 mph.

Conclusion Greatest Female Soccer Players

Soccer players are proof of that. All these women have excelled on the pitch and their skills and talent are worth to be discussed. They made on to our list because of their exceptional performance and dedication. 

So hopefully you liked reading our article and got to know about the greatest soccer players of the time. Let us know what you think about the list of players we mentioned above in the comments down below.

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