Best South American Football Clubs – Top 10 Rankings

South American Football clubs are of course not as good in status or strength as the European ones, but these clubs have served lots of talented players who have played for some of the best reputable clubs in the world. 

The competition is what matters and is what draws in the average audience. Several of the most intense football matches are played in South America. We have put together a list of the best south American clubs and have proved with their abilities that no one can beat them. 

Top 10 South American Football Clubs

Following are the top South American Football Clubs.

1. Santos Club

There have been ratings of different Football clubs by country but here we will discuss the best in South America. 

Santos is the club that is located in Brazil and is ranked number 10 among the best 10 South American football clubs. Santos, one of Brazil’s most famous and illustrious clubs, has tasted success in 8 domestic championships, one Copa de Brasil, and three Copa Libertadores.

Additionally, it has given birth to a number of the best football players in history, including Robinho, Pele, and Neymar. Despite Neymar leaving for Barcelona, the club continues to possess the considerable new talent to rank among Brazil’s top clubs.

2. Corinthians Club

Brazil’s Corinthians is ranked ninth among the finest South American football clubs. The largest club in Brazil at the moment is Corinthians. 

They have been the winners of the FIFA World Club Cup, seven Brasileirao championships (against Chelsea), and not to forget they have also won the Libertadores title. 

The club’s colors have been worn by many well-known athletes, notably Ronaldo, Tevez, Mascherano, and Socrates.

Corinthians Club Best South American football Clubs

3. River Plate Club

The club of Argentina is the eighth-best football club in South America, according to our list of the top 10. River Plate is the most accomplished club in Latin America regarding titles earned and ended up winning 36 league crowns and 4 Libertadores.

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Although the club hasn’t had much success in the recent ten years. River Plate has given Europe numerous talented footballers like Saviola, Ortega, Crespo, etc. 

4. Boca Juniors Club

Boca Juniors falls at number 4 among the top 10 best south American football clubs and it is situated in Argentina. Even though River has 33 league titles, River’s archrival, Boca Juniors, has an amazing number of titles.

 However, having four Libertadores and Boca Juniors has excelled at the continental level. They are recognized as the top South American club of the twenty-first century by the statics and the International Federation of Football History.  

Tevez, Burdisso, and Palacio, as well as the legendary Maradona, are some of the players who have emerged from this zone over the years.

5. Penarol Club

Uruguay’s Penarol is ranked fifth among the top 10 South American football clubs. Penarol has dominated Uruguayan football, winning five Copa Libertadores as well as 50 league championships.

Despite having a long history, Penarol hasn’t won a continent-wide championship since 1987 (finishing second to Santos in the year 2011), so they’re currently in a rut.

Ghiggia, which made the game-winning goal against Brazil in the world cup that was held in 1987 and eliminated them, is unquestionably among the best south American football players associated with Penarol.

6. Colo-Colo Club

Colo-Colo is ranked No. 6 among the top 10 South American football clubs. Colo- Colo is located in Chile. Colo-Colo has won 32 league championships, 11 trophies, and one Libertadores victory.

This club has played a significant role in developing many young talents for the national team.

7. Olimpia Club

Among the leading 10 South American football clubs, the club called Paraguay’s Olimpia is ranked number seventh. Olimpia has an illustrious past similar to certain other clubs on the list. 

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It has won 43 league championships and it is safe to say that the club reached its glory when it won Copa Interamericana, and Intercontinental Cup in 1979, the quadruple of the League 

Olimpia Club Best South American football Clubs

The Roque Santa Cruz, the name that is famous for being the latest captain of the national team and the leading scoring player for the Paraguayan side, is its most well-known export.

8. Atletico Nacional Club

Atletico Nacional of Colombia is ranked eighth among the top 10 South American football clubs. Seven league titles have been won by those in the past ten years thanks to a recent uptick in their performances.

And it turned the team into one of the top football organizations in Latin America. 

9. Independiente Club

The second-best South American football club, Independiente which is from Argentina, is listed among the top ten. With 16 Primera crowns and 9 National Trophy victories, Independiente of Argentina is among the most illustrious clubs. 

Additionally, they won seven Copa Libertadores and Independiente is known as the only club that has won this four times consecutively.

Three Copa Interamericanas, two Supercopa Sudamericanas, multiple Intercontinental Cups, and once a Recopa Sudamericana were all won by Independiente. It is the most significant club in Argentina just based on silverware.

However, it has recently plummeted to the point of relegation. Now it’s beginning to appear just as dangerous as at its peak.

10. São Paulo Club

Just like there are some of the best South American football players there is this club that ranks as the best one. 

Sao Paulo of Brazil ranks as the best and top-notch among all other top 10 South American football clubs. For Latin football, this club holds great importance and is considered the powerhouse of it. 

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It continues to be one of the five Brazilian clubs which has never been demoted. It has won three Copa Libertadores, three times Brasileirão, 21 league crowns, along with a single Copa Sudamericana.

This club has also earned FIFA World Club Cup, one Supercopa Libertadores, and not to forget two intercontinental cups.  This club got two Recopa Sudamericanas and one COPA Masters CONMEBOL. Aside from having such a large collection of medals, it is also Brazil’s second-most valued club in terms of money.

São Paulo Club Best South American football Clubs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which South American Nations Are Ranked Among The Best In Football ?

Brazil currently holds the top spot with 1,823 points, to the FIFA rating of men’s national football clubs that was released in 2022. The teams from Argentina and Uruguay were not far behind by 56 and 209 goals.

Q. Which South American Club Is The Largest ?

The largest in South America is Flamengo. Have become the most well-liked football team in South America.

Q. Which Is The Best Football Cub In Argentina ?

Based on the quantity of social media fans, Boca Juniors led the list of Argentine football clubs in 2020.


These clubs hold great importance and are well known for their abilities and the medals and awards they have won. Let us know what you think of the clubs mentioned above in the comments as we would love to hear your opinions as well. Hope you enjoyed reading our compilation of the best South American football clubs. 

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