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Top 7 Incredibly Strongest Football Players

You might know how football has taken over all the other sports over the past few years. It does not require fitness only but a lot of practice, great skills, and strength too. Some of the strongest football players went beyond expectations and outdid themselves repeatedly.  

These are the players who have played an important role in shaping football into what is today. Their outstanding and undefeated performances have always been a hot topic for all. I think it would be fair enough to them if I call them the gems of football.  

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So, let’s end the suspense here and have a look at 6 of these players who have always stood high in football.  

7. Christian Benteke

Christian Benteke is a professional Belgian footballer and one of the strongest football players. His strength and physical fitness are something that has made him the best football player of all time.  

Christian plays as a striker for Major League Soccer club D.C. united and also for the Belgium National Team. He is a huge threat to all the teams which leaves them no other option than to surrender.  

6. Christopher Samba

Christopher Samba is a former professional football player from France who played mainly as a defender. He is incredibly fit and fully dominates the penalty area. His outstanding capability of defeating opponents is what people die over.  

Christopher notably played for Blackburn Rovers in the Premier League. He played in this team for about five years with 161 league appearances earning up to 16 goals.  

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5. Giorgio Chiellini 

An Italian professional football player, Giorgio Chiellini stands fifth among the strongest football players. His bravery and physical strength are largely reflected in his incredible performances. His strong defensive style of playing has let his country win matches several times.  

Chiellini has maintained an intense terror among the opponents which is a warning for them not to fight him because he knows how to tackle it all.  

4. Victor Wanyama 

The legendary Victor Wanyama is the highest-ranking non-Nigerian player who stands 4th on my list. He stands six feet tall which is a very prominent part of his build. Although he is a new breed of mobile that doesn’t matter because of his immensely powerful mid-fielding.  

Victor is the first ever Kenyan player to have scored in the UEFA Champions League which was his greatest achievement. He is currently playing as a defensive midfielder for Major League Soccer club CF Montreal and the Kenya National Football Team.  

3. George Elokobi 

Next on the list, I have a former professional Cameroonian footballer who played as a defender. Although he has retired, his dazzling career is something that can never be ignored. His fearless personality and remarkable physique are a combination of two great qualities.  

Elokobi’s opponents are usually afraid of him and consider him a threat to them. This is why he often ends up facing man-marking while playing against the strongest teams.  

2. Danny Shittu  

Danny Shittu  strongest football players

Danny Shittu is a retired professional football player from Nigeria who played as a center-back. He is most famous for knocking down his opponents technically which makes him an excellent Championship defender.  

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Danny has made up to 346 appearances in the Premier League and the Football League. Besides this, he also made 190 appearances for Queens Park Rangers.  

1. Adebayo Akinfenwa

Adebayo Akinfenwa strongest football players

Lastly, I have Adebayo Akinfenwa, an English former football player. He is much stronger than all the football players and possesses highly skilled and polished football abilities. He weighs about 16 stone and is recognized for his tremendous strength.  

Adebayo’s achievements are undefeated to date and he is the reason which keeps England’s head high with immense pride and joy. He surely deserves to be on the top of my list.  

People Also Ask

Q. Who Is The Strongest Footballer? 

Aaron Donald is an American professional footballer who plays as a defensive tackle in the National League, particularly for Los Angeles Rams. He is said to be the current strongest footballer today. Adrian Peterson is the next on the list.  

Q. Who Is Said To Have The Most Physical Strength In Football? 

Romelu Lukaku is a Belgian professional footballer who mainly plays as a striker for the Serie A club Inter Milan. He is said to have the most physical strength 88 in football when compared to others. He is no doubt one of the greatest players in football.  

Q. Who Is Said To Be The Fastest Player In Football? 

The list of fastest players in football includes Micky Van de Ven, Ousmane Dembele, Alphonso Davies, Sheraldo Becker, and Erling Haaland. However, Micky Van de Ven remains to be on the top of the list with the highest speed of 35.87 Km/hr.  

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All these strongest football players are a great inspiration to youngsters. Many of these have retired but will never be stopped from being recognized as the kings of football. There is none other like them. They were, they are and they will always be the heroes of football.  

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