Top 10 Best Goal Celebrations In Soccer History

Top 10 Best Goal Celebrations In Soccer History | Football Updates

In football, the main objective is to score goals. The entire process includes a lot of thrill and excitement and also gives the opportunity to the players to display their technique of gameplay which makes football what it is: 90 minutes of pure fun and cut-throat competition with some amazing goal celebrations.

The iconic “Tardelli Cry” celebration executed by legendary Italian footballer Marco Tardelli after scoring against West Germany in the 1982 FIFA World Cup Final is surely the greatest goal celebration the football world has ever seen. The famous jersey-tearing celebration by Brandi Chastain and the loopy, red-eyed celebration of Argentine legend Diego Maradona also deserve their mentions among the best goal celebrations in soccer history.

There are many players who are now remembered for their iconic celebrations and eccentric joy. But some goals have special places in the heart of hardcore football fans. We are now going to reveal those for you!

Best Goal Celebrations | Football’s Greatest Goal Celebrations

What it all ultimately boils down to is which team scores the most goals and hence, takes home the trophy. That is why every goal is a reason to erupt huge clamor from the fans of the scoring team and also a cause to celebrate for the players.

As a result, when a player on a team scores a goal, it is often seen that he breaks into a celebratory dance and action that takes everyone by surprise.

10. Fabian Espindola [The Backflip that Backfired]

Memories get etched in our minds not only if they are great but also if they are terrible, like Argentine footballer Fabian Espindola’s goal celebration during the 2008 match between LA Galaxy and Real Salt Lake, which is among the best goal celebrations in Soccer.

Fabian generally celebrated goals by doing backflips. Right after scoring for his team, Real Salt Lake, he went up to his fans and began his back-flipping routine.

But unfortunately, he landed awkwardly on his ankle, and it took him several moments to realize that he had hurt himself. In fact, he had broken his ankle with his wrong moves, which kept him out of the games for two months.

To make things worse, the goal he was celebrating was declared off-side and hence ruled out.

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9. Tim Cahill [The Handcuffs]

Tim Cahill is an Australian footballer who is the top scorer of all time for the Australian national team. He was transferred to Everton before the 2004-05 season.

From 2005-06, after every goal he scored, he maintained the trademark celebratory tradition of pretending to exchange punches with the corner flag as he put the Everton badge between his teeth.

In a match against Portsmouth in 2008, he went a little ahead with this celebration as he decided to dedicate his winning goal to his imprisoned elder brother.

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He crossed his wrists as though he were handcuffed, and after several seconds, he punched the corner flag, which is among the best goal celebrations. After being heavily criticized, Tim apologized for doing this.

8. Facundo Sava [The Mask of Zorro]

Former Argentine footballer Facundo Sava joined Fulham in 2002. While moving to Fulham, he decided to carry with him a rather bizarre tradition of celebrating goals. He would take a Zorro mask which he stored in his sock, and wear it.

When he played for Fulham in the English Premier League at Craven Cottage, he whipped out his mask after scoring against Charlton Athletic, which is among the best goal celebrations in Football.

In fact, during his two-year stay at Fulham, Facundo continued to do the same, and, wearing the mask, he ran up to the supporters to celebrate each of his seven goals.

Seva now achieved recognition even outside Argentina due to his marvelous goal celebration.

7. Temuri Ketsbaia [The Psycho Outburst]

Former Georgian footballer Temuri Ketsbaia joined Newcastle from AEK Athens in the summer of 1997. Upon his arrival in England, he mainly remained an unused substitute.

Apparently, his omission from the line-up and being made to sit with the substitutes made a huge impact on his mind, and he went on to display his displeasure after he scored a late goal against Bolton in a 1998 match. After scoring the goal, he went crazy.

He ripped off his shirt and threw it into the crowd. Then, like some kind of a psychotic anti-capitalist, he attacked the advertising hoardings and created something that deserves to be a part of the best goal celebrations in football history.

The poor boards suffered the attack of his dangerously swinging right boot as he flew into this fit of rage to show the anger he had been nursing.

6. Carlos Tevez [Chicken Dance]

Carlos Tevez is an Argentine footballer whose tango flare goal celebrations started in his Boca Juniors days. Since then, he has shown many unique celebratory acts.

But his most remarkable celebration was in a Copa Libertadores match against archrival River Plate in 2004, which is among the best goal celebrations in Soccer history. After scoring an important goal, he decided to celebrate by taking his jersey.

But he didn’t stop at this clichéd move and went a step ahead to do a Chicken Dance. But later, he explained why he selected that particular move.

The football fans gave River Plate the nickname ‘Chickens’ after their tragic defeat against Uruguay’s Peñarol in the 1966 Copa Libertadores. Tevez received a red card after the celebration and subsequently missed the final.

5. Peter Crouch [Robot Dance]

One of the tallest soccer players, Peter Crouch, talked about his lanky body. He showed off his dance moves at a party before the 2006 World Cup and decided to take his cool moves to the fields.

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After scoring the winning goal in a friendly match against Hungary, Crouchie unleashed his Robot. And his dance created one of the best goal celebrations of all time.

The audience also got to see his smooth futuristic bogie after the friendly win against Jamaicans, and thus, the robot dance became his classic goal-celebrating move.

However, he retired his Robot in fear that it could get over-appreciated if he continued to display his move. But his fans again witnessed the legendary Robo-Crouch after he scored against Ukraine in the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifier.

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4. Robbie Fowler [The Snort]

Robbie Fowler is a former English footballer who also lent his immense talent to one of the richest football clubs, Liverpool. Often referred to as the ‘God,’ Fowler had several fans who believed his alleged cocaine addiction at that time.

In 1999, after a great display of sports rivalry between Liverpool and Everton, Robbie pulled a celebration stunt that cost him dearly and became one of the all-time best goal celebrations in football.

After tucking a penalty shot, he dropped on all fours and pretended to snort the by-line right in front of the Everton fans.

Liverpool’s manager, Gérard Houllier’s explained that he was trying to mime the Cameroonian grass-eating celebration. Tragically, he couldn’t convince the FA, who slapped Fowler with a fine of £60,000.

3. Diego Maradona [The Loopy Celebration]

Diego Maradona is one of the greatest footballers whose contribution to football is important not only for Argentina but the entire world. In the first group game of the 1994 FIFA World Cup, Argentina had to face Greece, and Maradona scored the winning shot.

Naturally, he broke into a celebration. But, the celebration went a little too far and became one of the best goal celebrations in Soccer history.

He ran towards a camera, screaming, and stared like a lunatic, his bloodshot eyes round and bulging. This gave rise to suspicions that he was probably under the influence of drugs, and he was forced to take a blood test.

Tragically, he tested positive for the Drug test after the match against Nigeria and was subsequently sent home.

2. Brandi Chastain [Jersey Rip]

We often see footballers rip off their jerseys to celebrate, to the point where it is almost an unoriginal move. But this is true only in the case of men’s football.

The scenario is completely different when it comes to women’s football. That is why one of the biggest moments of celebration in the history of women’s football is the iconic act by Brandi Chastain of the United States.

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Her celebration in the World Cup match against China in 1999 is among the best goal celebrations in football history. After scoring the winning goal in the penalty shootout, one of the best female footballers, Chastain, ripped off her jersey in elation.

She was on the front page of every American newspaper and magazine. She later called it nothing more or less than momentary insanity.

1. Marco Tardelli [The Tardelli Cry]

Football, a game of great passion, often induces the display of raw emotions. Like former Italian footballer Marco Tardelli, who executed one of the most iconic goal celebrations in football history.

Marco scored the second goal for his team against West Germany in the 1982 World Cup final. He celebrated the goal with sheer ecstasy that deserves the top spot in the list of best goal celebrations of all time.

In his unadulterated delight, he sprinted around the field towards the Italian bench, pumping his clenched fist.

Tears streamed down his face as he wildly shook his head and screamed, “Goal!” The childlike rapturous celebration now became famous as the “Tardelli’s Cry.”

Final Words

Several other examples are there, where celebrations of goals and victories have grabbed eyeballs. These range from fun and quirky to embarrassing and weird. Some became a favorite form of celebration for all sports lovers. And some just threw the players in the face of punishment.

Which of these do you think are the best goal celebrations? Let us know in the comments below!

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Greatest Goal Celebrations In Football | All-Time | Infographics

FAQs Regarding Greatest Goal Celebrations

Q. How do you celebrate a soccer goal?

A goal celebration occurs when a goal is scored in sports. A goal-scoring celebration is normally performed by the scorer and may include their teammates, the team manager or coaching staff, or even fans of the team.

Q. What is Messi’s goal-scoring celebration?

Throughout his career, Messi has scored more than 500 goals. Messi points to the sky almost every time he scores, usually on the way back to his own half to prepare to score again when the game resumes.

Q. Do footballers wear new jerseys for every match?

Kit men take three shirts to each game – one for each half, plus a spare for emergencies. Players can exchange shirts or keep them during big games, but that must be agreed to beforehand, and they will be fined if they do it without permission. 

Q. What constitutes illegal celebrations in football?

According to the official 1984 rulebook excerpt, the league defined illegal celebrations by defining them as “any prolonged, excessive, premeditated celebration by individuals or groups of individuals.”

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